Sitting in a cafe in Thailand with my good friend who had just ordered a carrot shake in an attempt to find a healthier alternative the sugar filled fruit shakes that are readily available, he sipped at it rather dejectedly with a ‘this is gross’ look on his face, looked up at me and asked ‘am I healthy yet?’, the conversation that ensued revolved around how to make ‘becoming healthy’ a more pleasant experience, this is a conversation that happens frequently for me and I finally agreed to start writing down the things I talk about so often. So in dedication to all my dear friends who are walking the road to a healthier body and mind, here finally is the place I will attempt to combine the information to make it a happier, easier, tastier, experience.

Being healthy doesn’t have to be as hard as it’s made out, there are simple changes that can be made one by one which over the course of time will lead to a healthier state, almost unnoticeable at first, looking back you will realise just how far you’ve come without much effort at all. While many try the all or nothing approach, I have noticed that most find this prospect too daunting and opt for the nothing end of the scale. I suggest just choosing one thing at a time, incorporate it into your life and then add another, being healthy doesn’t need to be daunting, it can be an enjoyable transition.

I’m not sure how this blog will turn out but I hope to share with you some of the information I’ve learned. I will be sharing lots of recipes for healthier living, from home-made cleaning products to how to veganise dairy goods, and a lot in between and outside of those areas. There will also be posts relating to exercise, and mental health topics such as stress reduction.

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor, what I write is from years of research stemming from personal interest, extended conversations with people who are qualified in these topics, and my own experiences of putting things into practice. Most of what’s written here should be accessible to the general population. However, please do further research on what is right for you, especially if you have any specific needs (allergies, injuries, disease, etc) .

Study: Here are some of the courses I’ve done, many of which are accessible to anyone online and I’d certainly encourage everyone to do as much learning as they can. Every bit of information that you acquire adds to your overall knowledge and helps you look at further information with critical thinking skills and less bias.

  • ‘Mindful Nutrition’ – COEO
  • ‘Food as Medicine’ – Monash University
  • ‘Nutrition: vitamins and minerals’ – The Open University
  • ‘The Science of Nutrition’ – The Open University
  • ”Identifying Food Fraud’ – UEA
  • ‘Anatomy: Know Your Abdomen’ – University of Leeds
  • (Nutritional & Medical) ‘Biochemistry’ – UEA
  • ‘Good brain, Bad brain’ (Neuroscience basics / Drug origins) – University of Birmingham
  • ‘Everyday Mindfulness’ – Jim Dawson
  • ‘Psychology AS & A2’ – UKDLP
  • ‘Understanding Anxiety, Depression, and CBT’ – University of Reading
  • ‘Mindfulness for Wellbeing and Peak Performance’ – Monash University
  • ‘Literature and Mental Health’ (bibliotherapy) – University of Warwick
  • ‘Concepts of Freedom’ (negative and positive) – The Open University
  • ‘Identity in Question’ – The Open University
  • ‘Reiki level 1’ – Rosemary Owen
  • ‘Permaculture’ – the Open Permaculture school
  • ‘Soils’ – Lancaster University
  • ‘Introduction to Ecosystems’ – The Open University
  • ‘Environmental Challenges’ (set): – University of Leeds
    • ‘Rights and Values in Ecosystem Services’
    • ‘Human Impact in the Natural Environment’
    • ‘Scarcity and Conflict in the Natural Environment’
  • ‘Causes of Climate Change’ – University of Bergen

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