Energy Saving Tips

It’s easy to fall into wasteful habits, but there are plenty of ways to save energy without changing your lifestyle. I got my kids to point out some tips they could think of. After implementing them for a year, we got over £150 back on overpaid money to utility companies. It’s surprising how far small changes go.


– Take a shower instead.

Hand/Mouth/Dish Washing
– Don’t leave water running while washing hands or brushing teeth.
– For dishes fill the sink (or wash/rinse bowls) instead of washing under running water.

Watering Plants
– Use a water butt to collect rainwater.
– Collect water not finished in the house, like old bottles, unfinished cups etc (just make sure it’s only water).


– Switch appliances off at the plug, they use energy even when they are not operating.
– Do not leave fridges, ovens etc open (whihch allows their temperature to fluctuate).
– Use economy settings when available (for example on washing machines and dishwashers).
– Most companies have a lower night time rate for energy. Use machines like washers, dryers, and dishwashers after that time.

Boiling water
– Boil water in the kettle instead of from cold on the hob.
– Only boil the amount you are going to use rather than a full kettle each time.

Charging batteries, phones, etc
– Use an alternative energy charger such as solar or wind-up.

Computers/Game consoles/Television
– Restrict time used.
– Check your local library, most allow some computer/internet time free daily.
– Turn off at plug when not using

– open the window instead.

– Use solar lamps.
– Use energy efficient LED bulbs.
– Switch off when not in the room.


– Keep set at correct level.
– Turn down when you go out.
– For each one degree lower, you can save up to 5 percent on your home’s heating costs.

– Good roof and wall cavity insulation can save you hundreds of pounds.
– Using heavy curtains in winter can stop heat loss or cold coming in from windows.


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