Homeopathic Remedies Chart

I have collected a list of homeopathic remedies useful in treating various ailments. Consider this a starting point and please be sure to research amounts, and any contraindications specific to you.

What is Homeopathy?
Homeopathy is a system of medicine in which ailments are treated on the principle of ‘like cures like’ by using minute doses of natural substances that in larger amounts would produce symptoms of the ailment, in other words, a substance taken in small amounts will cure the same symptoms. It stimulates your body to heal itself from the cause of illness, not just the symptoms.

How is it made/dosed?
The starting remedy is made from the substance steeped in alcohol and strained – this is called the tincture, or mother tincture (and in some cases is what herbalists use.) The most commonly used scales for diluting substances are the centesimal scale (c) which means one part tincture to 99 parts alcohol or the decimal scale (x) which means one part tincture to 9 parts alcohol. The mixture is then shaken vigorously (succussed). The potency of the remedy is identified by how often this process takes place. A 6c or 6x has been diluted and succussed 6 times. Paradoxically the more times the remedy has been diluted the higher its potency. A 30c is suitable for family/ home prescribing, and the higher potencies – 200c, 1Mc, etc – should be prescribed by homeopaths.

Symptom Homeopathic Possibilities
Abscesses Hypericum
Aching Gelsemium
Acne Belladonna
Hepar sulph
Agitation Coffea
Anxiety Aconite
Arthritis Calc fluor
Arthritic General Debility (particularly if indigestion is suffered) Calc phos
Bladder (burning pain before and after urinating) Cantharis
Boils Silicea
Bones (injuries, fractures, dislocations) Ruta grav
Bronchitis Ipecac
Bruises Arnica
Bellis perennis
Bunions Silicea
Burns (before blisters form) Cantharis
Burns (stinging) Urtica urens
Burns, Sun (sunburn) Cantharis
Catarrh Calc fluor
Catarrh (with stringy discharge) Kali bich
Chilblanes Hamamelis
Circulation, (poor) Cupron met
Colds Ferrum Phos
Cold, common (with sneezing and watering eyes) Allium cepa
Cold (with watery eyes and streaming nose) Euphrasia
Cold, head (with fever) Merc sol
Cold, head (with thick greenish/yellow discharge) Calc fluor
Cold (sneezy) Nat mur
Cold (stuffy) Nux vom
Colic Argent nit
Congestion (nasal) Kali bich
Conjunctivitis Euphrasia
Coughs Drosera
Cough (chesty, with sore throat, and raw, burning pain) Causticum
Cough (dry) Phosphorous
Cough (dry, hacking) Belladonna
Cough (dry, painful)
Cough (hacking, in cold air) Allium cepa
Cough (hard) Bryonia
Kali bich
Cough (persistent, irritating, with retching/vomiting) Drosera
Cough (tickling) Rhus tox
Constipation Graphites
Nux vom
Cramps Colocynthis
Cramps (in calves) Arsen alb
Cramps (in extremeties) Cupron met
Croup Calc fluor
Hepar sulph
Cuts (painful) Hypericum
Cystitis Apis mel
Dandruff Graphites
Depression Actaea rac.
Diarrhoea (as from food poisoning) Arsen alb
Diarrhoea (green, slimy) Chamomilla
Dizziness Argent nit
Dryness Bryonia
Dry Lips
Earache Graphites
Hepar sulph
Merc sol
Eczema Graphites
Hepar sulph
Nat mur
Energy (lack of) Sulphur
Exhaustion (nervous) Kali phos
Exhaustion (physical) Arnica
Eye Strain Ruta grav
Fear Aconite
Fear (of failure) Lycopdium
Feverish (with head cold) Merc sol
Flatulence Colocynthis
Flushing Gelsemium
Flushed Face Belladonna
Food Poisoning (mild, after eating fish) Carbo veg
Fright Ignatia
General Debility Calc phos
Giddiness (from exhaustion or weakness) Kali phos
Gout Lycopdium
Grief Aconite
Grief (prolonged) Ignatia
Hayfever Allium cepa
Hayfever (triggered by pollen) Mixed Pollen
Headaches Actaea rac.
Argent nit
Headaches (chronic) Silicea
Headaches (morning) Thuja
Headaches (piercing) Ignatia
Headaches (severe throbbing) Belladonna
Headaches (with floating sensation due to fall) Hypericum
Heat Related Complaints Kali bich
Hiccough (with acidity) Lycopdium
Hoarseness Carbo veg
Kali phos
Hypersensitivity Phosphorous
Incontenence Causticum
Indegestion, Nervous) Kali phos
Indegestion (with excessive flatulence) Carbo veg
Inflamation (of respiratory tract) Ferrum Phos
Influenza Gelsemium
Influenza (general debility because of) Ferrum Phos
Insect Stings Apis mel
Insomnia Aconite
Calc carb
Insomnia (due to mental activity) Coffea
Insomnia (due to Overtiredness) Arnica
Irritability Bryonia
Itchiness (of nose and anus) Cina
Joints Swollen Belladonna
Knees (housemaids knee) Nat mur
Ligaments (pain) Rhus tox
Lips (dry) Bryonia
Lumbago Bellis perennis
Mastitis Phytolacca
Menopause Actaea rac.
Menopause (hot flushes, depression) Lachesis
Mental Debility Calc phos
Migraine Kali bich
Muscle Ache Arnica
Muscle Pain (after stings, bites, puncture wounds, injections) Ledum
Muscle Pain (and/or shooting pain) Actaea rac.
Nausea Ipecac
Nausea (during pregnancy) Cocculus
Nausea (travel sickness) Cocculus
Nausea (with hollow sensation in stomach) Cocculus
Nausea (with white diarrhea) Cina
Neck (stiff) Causticum
Neck (stiff and unable to swallow) Phytolacca
Neuralgia Actaea rac.
Neuralgia (facial) Belladonna
Nose (runny) Gelsemium
Nat mur
Pain (accompanied by frequent need to urinate) Thuja
Pain (burning, stinging) Apis mel
Pain (in muscles and/or shooting pains) Actaea rac.
Pain (shooting like electric shock) Phytolacca
Period Pains Calc carb
Period pain (relieved by flow) Lachesis
Periods (suppressed or delayed) Sepia
Piles Calc fluor
Piles (burning/itching) Sulphur
Piles (itching) Nux vom
Pre Menstrual Stress/Tension Calc carb
Nat mur
Restlessness Aconite
Rheumatism Causticum
Rheumatic Aches and Pains Rhus tox
Shingles Rhus tox
Sinus Trouble Graphites
Kali bich
Skin (cracked in winter) Calc carb
Skin (highly sensitive) Hepar sulph
Skin (itchy) Calc carb
Skin (tendency to desease) Sulphur
Skin (unhealthy) Graphites
Sneezing Gelsemium
Sprains Arnica
Sprains (wrists, ankles) Ruta grav
Stings (insect) Apis mel
Stomach Pain Colocynthis
Stomach Upset Arsen alb
Styes Pulsatilla
Sweats (night) Phosphorous
Swelling of lower eyelid Apis mel
Synovitis Ruta grav
Teething Chamomilla
Tension Coffea
Thirst Merc sol
Thirst (especially for cold drinks) Bryonia
Thirst (lack of) Apis mel
Throat (raw) Nux vom
Throat (sore) Gelsemium
Throat (sore. with chesty cough and raw, burning pain) Causticum
Throat (sore. with excessive saliva) Merc sol
Thrush (mouth) Merc sol
Nat mur
Tinnitus Graphites
Tinnitus (with nausea and vertigo) Carbo veg
Tiredness (mental, from overwork) Kali phos
Tonsillitis Hepar sulph
Toothache Calc carb
Calc fluor
Merc sol
Trembling Gelsemium
Ulcers (mouth) Merc sol
Ulcers (mouth and throat) Phytolacca
Urticaria Ruta grav
Urtica urens
Veins Varicous Calc fluor
Vertigo Belladonna
Calc carb
Nat mur
Nux vom
Voice (loss of) Carbo veg
Kali phos
Vomiting Arsen alb
Warty Growths Thuja
Weariness (with heavy aching muscles) Gelsemium
Worms Cina
Wounds (painful) Hypericum
Wounds (lacerated, involving nerve endings) Hypericum
Wounds (puncture from sharp pointed objects) Ledum



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